Prayers Before and After Reading the News

The following was written by Rabbi Irwin Keller.

For a while now I have found reading the morning paper to be a risky moment. Sometimes there is something lovely that gives me hope for humanity. Sometimes there is something flashy but arguably trivial that catches my eye and helps me avoid the rougher news. But every day there is something upsetting, saddening happening in the world. In this last month I have been reading news of atrocities in Ukraine and a new wave of terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv with a combination of hunger and nausea.

I find myself not infrequently afraid to open the morning news. I am aware that I have the privilege of not reading the paper and going about having, by most accounts, a good day. But I don’t want to be so frightened of how upset the news will make me that I stay uninformed and close myself off to the witnessing, compassion, and action that I feel this moment requires of me and of us.

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This unknown time

Follow your own vision.
From Bryan at Visions of a People’s Dharma

Visions of a People's Dharma

I no longer want to involve my being with endless chats of maybes and possibilities.

Nor debate opinions, or so-called truths, whatever they may be.

Or stories of her, him, and it, dancing in endless drama.

Or seeking what isn’t and never will be.

Nor do I care to listen to empty commitments, made from an empty existence, attempting to force change.

Or pretending to care, or not care.

I want to spend my unknown amount of time,

embracing exactly what is in my moments, seeing my vision, not yours or others.

Not running, or chasing after, changing it, manipulating it, forcing it, or pretending it.

Just, A Human, Being,


Bryan Wagner

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Manifesto for Humanity

poem written by Looby MacNamara

We have slowed down

Woken up

Come into our power,

Our hearts are filled with joy each morning

We exist in a state of wholeness

We see our place in the whole,

We know life is sacred

Every space is sacred

We feel the heartbeats of our fellow beings

The animals and plants our brothers and sisters,

We are thinking and acting like a global family.

We take pride in our Earth home

This shining jewel that breathes beneath us,

Pride in how we leave it for future generations,

Positively impacting on ecosystems,

We have found our hearts, and learn we are connected

To all life

Our spiritual connection woven into the fabric of our lives.

We have a full understanding of love,

We appreciate what it means to be ecological beings

On an ecological planet.

We celebrate an Earth culture.

We know who we truly are and what we are truly capable of

We recognise our own and one another’s brilliance

Everyone retains their capacity to smile and laugh

We follow our dreams whatever they may be,

Lives where we enjoy the creativity of being human

Time to be and reflect

We are content

We sing our voices of majesty.

We have learned to negotiate

Communicating our needs and respecting others

We value different ways of working,

We have freedom to grow

Honouring each other’s contribution

Allowing people to be without judgement.

Living together in health and happiness

Greater simplicity of life

With strong social bonds,

Nothing and no one outside of society,

Abundant creative expression

Time for art, music and dancing for all

Farmer poets, gardener philosophers

Communities that share, care and connect.

More wisdom, more integrity

More communication, less fighting

More music, more singing

More dancing, more harmony

More colour, more beauty

More thinking, less rashness

More space for each being to fully become themselves

Weaving abundance into our lives of balance.

Diversity and freedom are the roots of our society

Freedom of thought and action

Our leaders fully representative of all our glorious diversity

Honesty and openness from government and management

Decisions made with consultation and listening

Our leaders are full spectrum conscious and heart based,

A sophisticated approach to social action,

The quietest voices are heard.

Every child has access to education

Following their interests and talents

Learning made easy at their own pace

In their own style,

Meditation and yoga in schools

All taught how to lead,

All taught to reflect

To know why we do things

Meditation and yoga in schools

All taught how to lead,

All taught to reflect

To know why we do things

And the effects of our actions.

Children brought up by the whole community

Everyone is teacher and student

Throughout life

And the effects of our actions.

Children brought up by the whole community

Everyone is teacher and student

Throughout life

Always growing

Always learning.

Respect, honour and learning from our elders

Conscious parenting supported.

Education brings children to a place of their own wisdom

And sense of being.

Cultures diversify and find their own solutions

Following their own paths

Human culture to flourish for many,

Safety for all,

Everyone has access to clean water, food and shelter

Every voice is welcomed

Ever decreasing inequality

Ever increasing biodiversity

The masculine and feminine in balance,

An emergent global consciousness

Of connection and responsibility

A diverse expression of heart centred spirituality

Our journey to this place has been nourishing and rewarding,

A smooth energy descent transition,

We regained the value of non-material things

We ended persecution for beliefs

We stopped the violence towards each other, the Earth,

And ourselves

We evolved to a reawakening of spirit.

We are already here at certain times, certain moments,

Certain communities,

A permanent culture around the corner,

Now enough people paying into the consciousness of goodwill and hope

To create the Great Turning

Where war, murder, rape, vandalism, theft

Are shed like a snake’s skin

Becoming stories of the past.

We used our knowledge and wisdom

To bring healthy changes to all,

The evolution of happiness

Bringing benefit after benefit.

In times of crisis we were resourceful,

With trust and good connections

We weathered the storms

This is the path of heart

This is the path of abundance

This is your call to action

This is the dream to follow

For our children and grandchildren

For the great forests and deep oceans

For mother Earth and life itself

This is the vision

This is the hope

This is the direction we face

Peace – real peace

Sustained peace

By Looby Macnamara

“Live life to it’s fullest, love wastefully, and be all we can be.” – Bishop John Shelby Spong

Fundamental Humans

Fundamental Christianity
Fundamental Islam
Fundamental Judaism
Fundamental Buddhism

What happened to fundamental humans?

Why so many God brokers?

Have humans forgotten how to speak directly to God?

Forced missionary conversion?
Why have so many innocent people died in the name of God?

Fundamental religion has robbed fundamental humans,
of their sovereignty, freedom and connection to God.

An age nears;

When people awaken to inner truth
Establish a personal relationship with Creator
Restore balance within themselves
Restore balance to Mother Earth
Establish a lasting peace

Indigenous people around the world have been right all along;

“We’re all One”

-Ray Lucero