Seek Me With All Your Heart

The following is an excerpt from My Father My King by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin


Hear your Father, your King, the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe, saying to you:

Prayer is the way you talk to Me.

Some prayers you will sing,

Others you will cry.

With all prayers you connect with Me.

When you pray with your mouth,

You express what is in your heart.

Let trust, gratitude, awe and love

Flow from your heart to your lips in prayer.

Pray when you feel close to Me

And pray when you feel distant.

Pray when you feel elevated and spiritual,

And pray when you feel lowly and unworthy.

Pray when your heart is full;

And pray when your heart is empty.

What can you pray for?

For guidance and wisdom,

health and good fortune.

For the material and the spiritual,

For all that you need.

How should you pray to Me?

With your tears and with your laughter.

With your mind and with your heart.

With your body and with your soul.

When you appreciate the power of prayer,

you will

Pray to Me with joy and ecstasy,

Pray to Me with fervour and with passion,

Pray to Me with awe and wonder.

When is it especially important to pray to Me?

When life is painful or difficult,

When you are confused or overwhelmed,

Whenever you are suffering.

Through prayer, you

Elevate yourself,

Enter the world of spirituality,

Expand your consciousness.

Let your soul soar.

When you pray,

Meditate on that which is eternal.

Reflect on the meaning of the words you say.

Contemplate the awesomeness of the One

Whom you address.

Increase your love for the One

to Whom you speak.

What will you find with prayer?

Serenity and inner peace,

Insight and perspective,

Inspiration and empowerment.

With prayer you will find

Your loving Father and powerful King.

I look forward to hearing from you, My beloved child. And that is the reason you will have much to sing about, much to cry about, and much to ask for.

Some time ago, I had a bit of a ‘spiritual crisis’. I was listening to so many people talking about their views, beliefs and criticisms. Much of what I heard disturbed me and I allowed that to reflect upon my relationship with God. I was so confused that I turned away from Him. First I ‘became’ an atheist, but I found that there was just as much vitriol amongst them as there was in some of the Christian communities I encountered. Then I ‘became’ a Humanist but, for me, the spiritual element was missing. I did enjoy reading Buddhist works and found the meditations enormously helpful and, while they kept me calm and mindful, I wanted more than that. I think that some of my blogging friends must have thought I was being invaded by multiple personalities! Who and what will she be tomorrow? I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that, because I wasn’t sure who I was myself anymore.

I floundered about in this dark place for a while until I could bear it no longer. I had a dilemma though. I so much wanted God to help me yet, in my mind, I could hear the voices of those who had told me, “You’ll be nothing without God and will never be able to do anything without Him, just you wait and see.” This only fuelled a need to prove independence all the more. But, in my heart, I knew I was unhappy and that I missed Him. “Help me God, please,” I prayed. And what I learned was that God will do anything to preserve our state of free-will. All through life, we are given choices and decisions to make ourselves. So instead of waiting to wake up one morning expecting God to have done all the work, I made my choice. I WANT God in my life because, for me, my happiness and security is incomplete without Him. From now on, though, I will stand by my belief that God is a good and just God and will ignore the cacophony of voices that claim otherwise.