From an article by Garrett Kell

My wife and I were recently awakened by the tears of one of our children. They’d found our dog, Nellie, dead on the floor.

Nellie was a cross-eyed Chihuahua who had brought our family so much joy. She was about as good a dog as a Chihuahua can be.

As the tears flowed, so did the questions. 

Why did Nellie have to die? Why did God take Nellie so soon? Will we see Nellie in heaven?

While some may consider these questions silly, I don’t.

The longer we live on this fallen planet, the more sorrow we face. Some suffering is small, and some is great, but it all hurts. Some families experience tragedy early and often. Our family has been spared significant tragedy, but times like these still leave their mark.

After a little while, we were able to talk about what we were feeling and the questions we were processing. Here are a few highlights.

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10 thoughts on “What Happens To Our Pets When They Die?

  1. One of my favorite Robin Williams movies is “What Dreams May Come.” He says something like “Is this heaven?” And then one of his childhood dogs come bounding towards him and he’s like, “Oh no, I’m in dog heaven.” I really, really love dogs. I can’t say I’d be to upset if I ended up in dog heaven.”

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    1. Melanie, I just found your comment in the ‘pending’ folder, I’m so sorry!
      I love Robin Williams so I’ll have to look up that film. Doggy heaven sounds good to me too! 😀

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