Where are you O Abrahamic God?

Where are you when people die, trapped in burning buildings?

People attempting to flee through ‘humanitarian escape routes’ – only to be tricked by the lies of twisted minds.

Fathers grieve and mothers cry.

Where are you O Abrahamic God?

Are you so busy arranging empty parking plots for the faithful?

Rewarding the chosen few with plates of overflowing goodness . . . and the odd McDonalds?

Am I bitter? Perhaps a little. Mostly, I am puzzled – perplexed that there are those on their knees waiting for Jesus to ‘beam them up’, praying only for Christian brothers and sisters while ignoring the rest of Humanity.

People need our love, help and compassion NOW

Mariupol: a city under siege


  1. Christianity is the main religion in Russia…so whose side is the christian god on? Does “he” enjoy this game he calls “war?” Where is the christian god in Mariupol? Is this concept of “god” just a christian way of justifying our use of military weapons? Apparently both sides say their god is on their side…what is the truth? Maybe there is no god!

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    • Good questions, Sabishi. I no longer believe in the god of the bible, i.e. the Abrahamic god (haven’t for about a year now) and the fundamentalists view on this kind of god disgusts me. I see their prayers when there is a disaster and they pray for their christian brothers and sisters and no one else and it sickens me. Everyone else can go to “hell” as far as they’re concerned. They’re so busy praying to be “beamed up” to actually do something constructive to help the people of the world. And yes, they use the bible to justify just about anything they want.
      I hold a similar view as Einstein when he said humility prevented him from deciding one way or another as to whether god exists, that our human capacity has not yet discovered the proof for either side.
      I do sense a certain spirituality but, it’s at times like this, when I feel that, if there is a god/God, it is not the one from the bible.
      Thank you for your thoughts, Sabishi.

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      • I like your passion, as well as your compassion, Lesley! We have to be passionate and speak up and out when human rights, no matter what religion or non-religion, are being violated, when people, especially children, are being killed, indiscrimintately. And, as you say, we must be compassionate toward everyone, not just christians!

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  2. An excellent post and questions. For me it’s not a person’s God or belief’s that’s the problem, it’s the fact that people simply ignore the implied process of actions and spend all their time cherry picking philosophical statements out of the religious content that reinforces their ego, and of course, claiming they are following some god’s word. WTF! How hard is it to do unto others and expect nothing in return? Thanks for this excellent post.

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  3. I no longer adhere to the God image that I was brought up with in Catholic school. But I do believe in a Higher Power that I confer with daily. I do not think that this Power can alter the course of world events.But with what is happening in Ukraine I wish it could. The atrocities there break my heart.

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    • My spiritual beliefs are like yours, Anne.
      What’s happening in Ukraine is dreadful. I don’t suppose any of us can know how it’s all going to play out in the end but I’d like to think that Putin will be held accountable for these war crimes. It’s always the innocent that suffer the most during war – not just in this present one, but in all those of the past too.

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