Crying Out from a Deep Place

We are living through a fierce moment in history.  On the one hand, we have a new report from scientists from the United Nations on the ever advancing realities of Climate Change, and the news about the present and near and distant future of Mother Earth’s condition is not good.

At the same time we have the attack on the fledging democracy of Ukraine carried out by an isolated dictator stewing in resentment and self-pity and dreams of czarist aspirations amid challenges posed by having a democracy so close to his border.

It is a dangerous time and chaotic time. How do we endure and stay grounded? One avenue is prayer that comes from a deep place, a place of crying out. 

To read the complete post, please visit Music as Prayer in Hard Times.

A beautiful meditational film follows. It is 20 minutes long, but listen to as much or as little as you like. It’s a combination of the spoken word and music.

“She who hears the cries of the world

She who hears the cries of the world

I, who am the beauty of the green earth

And the white moon among the stars

And the mysteries of the water

I call upon your soul to arise and come unto me.

For I am the souls nature that gives life to the universe.

From me, all things proceed

And unto me they must return.

Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices.

And, behold! All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

Let there be beauty, strength, power and compassion,

Honor and humility

Mirth and reverence within you.

And you, who seek to know me,

Know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not,

Unless you know the mystery.

For if that which you seek you find not within yourself

You will never find it without.

For behold! I have been with you from the beginning

And I am that which is attained at the end of desire.

She who hears the cries of the world

She who hears the cries of the world”

(Jennifer Berezan)

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