Look Up

If you feel like the walls are caving in and life is too hectic to even consider slowing down, try this exercise to alter your mindset, which is part of Buddhist teaching called ‘cosmic perspective’. Pick an evening with a clear sky so that the stars are bright. Go to a quiet place with minimal light pollution, such as a beach or a hillside away from a town, and sit peacefully while gazing at the sky. Try to clear your mind and lose yourself in the vastness of the heavens. Consider how you’re sitting on a tiny speck called Earth, which is bobbing around in this vast black universe. Now guide your eyes down and notice life around you – there could be people walking their dogs or jogging past you – and be aware that each person carries their own problems and they may even be thinking about them as you observe them. Reflect on your own life in its entirety and feel your problems reduce in size. Gaze up again at the universe and remember how you are just a tiny part of it, and your problems carry even less weight.

‘Finding Peace And Purpose In A Hectic World’ – Jo Peters