Watering the seeds of Happiness

Garden of Your Mind

What are you growing
in the garden of your mind –
what do you water
nourish, feed?
Do you plant seeds of forgiveness,
of love,
or do you fertilize weeds of anger
resentment, fear?
What are you growing
in the garden of your heart?
Do you allow sunshine to reach dark pain
in the corners of your heart –
Do you allow tears to wash it clean
and nourish it –
Or do you put up fences
to keep out the feelings?
Get on your knees
grow your own food
decide what it is you want in your soil.
Know what you are cultivating
what you are growing –
a lot can grow in the garden of your body
if you let it seed
nourish it
allow it
watch it grow.

Kerry Fantelli


We each have many kinds of “seeds” lying deep in our consciousness. Those we water are the ones that sprout, come up into our awareness, and manifest outwardly.

So in our own consciousness there is hell, and there is also paradise. We are capable of being compassionate, understanding, and joyful. If we pay attention only to the negative things in us, especially the suffering of past hurts, we are wallowing in our sorrows and not getting any positive nourishment. We can practice appropriate attention, watering the wholesome qualities in us by touching the positive things that are always available inside and around us. That is good food for our mind.

One way of taking care of our suffering is to invite a seed of the opposite nature to come up. As nothing exists without its opposite, if you have a seed of arrogance, you have also a seed of compassion. Every one of us has a seed of compassion. If you practice mindfulness of compassion every day, the seed of compassion in you will become strong. You need only concentrate on it and it will come up as a powerful zone of energy.

Naturally, when compassion comes up, arrogance goes down. You don’t have to fight it or push it down. We can selectively water the good seeds and refrain from watering the negative seeds. This doesn’t mean we ignore our suffering; it just means that we allow the positive seeds that are naturally there to get attention and nourishment. ~ excerpt from No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering by Thich Nhat Hanh


  1. I have a coworker who likes to say “we make our own hell sometimes”. She often says that about herself and the pressures should puts on herself. Great post and I like reading the pieces from Thich Nhat Hahn.

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    • I’m sure we all make a good job of making our own hell sometimes.
      Thay has a way of writing on subjects, that could be complicated, that is accessible to all. I love him! It’s his 95th birthday (or continuation day in Buddhist terms) next month on the 11th October. It’s my continuation day too. 😀
      Thanks Mark.

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  2. When weeds come up (from seeds of anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, arrogance), don’t allow them to come to seed…pick them and turn them in the soil, destroying the weeds and transforming them into compost…and enrich the soil with this compost, and then water the seeds of compassion, understanding, mindfulness, healing, and love. We have the ability to transform the negative seeds into positive seeds! Once you recognize the weeds, you may need professional help picking them and mixing them in the soil. With persistence it can be done!!

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    • Oh yes, not letting them go to seed is a must! The composting metaphor is a good one, too. I’m well into composting. Great info, thanks Sabishi! 🌻😀🌻

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  3. Another great post, Lesley, and of course it will soon be the autumn equinox which is a time to plant seeds within ourselves so they may be incubated over the winter, ready to emerge in the spring. Have a wonderful weekend 💐🙋‍♂️

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    • I like this time of the year – the subtle stillness of winter coupled with the anticipation of the coming spring.
      I hope your weekend is wonderful too!
      🌺 <—— a lotus for you. 😊


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