The Tao Of Pooh

“When you discard arrogance, complexity, and a few other things that get in the way, sooner or later you will discover that simple, childlike, and mysterious secret known to those of the Uncarved Block: Life is Fun.”
― Benjamin Hoff, quote from The Tao of Pooh

“We don’t need to shift our responsibilities onto the shoulders of some deified Spiritual Superman, or sit around and wait for Fate to come knocking at the door. We simply need to believe in the power that’s within us, and use it. When we do that, and stop imitating others and competing against them, things begin to work for us.”
― Benjamin Hoff, quote from The Tao of Pooh

“But isn’t the knowledge that comes from experience more valuable than the knowledge that doesn’t? It seems fairly obvious to some of us that a lot of scholars need to go outside and sniff around – walk through the grass, talk to the animals. That sort of thing.”

“Say, Pooh, why aren’t you busy?” I said.

“Because it’s a nice day,” said Pooh.

“But you could be doing something important,” I said.

“I am,” said Pooh.

“Oh? Doing what?”

“Listening,” he said.

“Listening to what?”

“To the birds. And that squirrel over there.”

“What are they saying,” I asked.

“That it’s a nice day.”

“But you know that already,” I said.

“Yes, but it’s always good to hear that somebody else thinks so too,” he said.

From The Tao of Pooh

“The masters of life know the way, for they listen to the voice within them, the voice of wisdom and simplicity, the voice that reasons beyond cleverness and knows beyond knowledge.”
― Benjamin Hoff, quote from The Tao of Pooh


  1. The “Dao of Pooh” (I prefer the pinyin “Dao”, since it’s pronounced that way) is one of my all time favorite books ever written. Pooh is a daoist monk, with no religion. Thanks, Lesley! I enjoy your posts.

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  2. One of the things about Pooh is the constant reminder that when I stay in proximity to breath and body, life is exquisitely simple, and nothing needs extensive contemplation or what we like to call “thinking.” Great post.

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