Afghanistan Betrayed

Afghan People’s Sufferings by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto (Goa, India)

Will the people of Afghanistan have to go on silently
and helplessly with their struggles
or will the world intervene and help to stop the crisis
and irrepressible violence?

Will compassion and humanity ever find its way
and be the epitome
or will the terror reign and cause more deaths
and destruction?

Will the children ever get to play freely in their streets
or will those neighborhoods be desolate and sullen?

Will peace ever return and bring in calmness
or will there be gunmen keep walking in the streets
instilling fear and panic?

Will hardships and anxiety of the people keep persisting
or will they have to keep fleeing as refugees?

Will there be respect for humanity and peaceful existence
or will there be melancholy and boundless destruction?

Will the Afghans regain their courage
and overcome their ordeal
or will they have to forever live in anguish and injustice?

Will that precarious situation in Afghanistan
ever change its history
or will Afghanistan be another perilous country like Syria?

Will the life of Afghans ever get filled with
the breath of peace and integrity
or will those innocent people have to live ceaselessly
with lack of freedom?

Will men have mercy on men as they always pray to Allah
or will kind-heartedness never emerge in those hearts
that have forgotten compassion?

Will my eyes ever stop filling with tears and sadness
or will I see human rights restored to men and women,
families and children in Afghanistan so that
they can live in safety and dignity?


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