Why we struggle with positive thinking

This is a wonderful post from Kevin that will be of value to everyone.

kevin kinge

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I recently learned that self-help is not only about things you do such as positive thinking and making mindful actions but mostly,it’s about avoiding things that do not work for youand the end goal of this will be positive growth.Can you identify any of your habits that are working against you?If yes, this should be your starting point.

I remember a few years ago when I first heard about positive thinking through positive thoughts throughout the day from Robin Shamar in his book ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’. Robin tells a story of a very successful Lawyer who left everything in pursuit of the meaning of life after he survived a stroke and ended up becoming a monk, changed by his journey to the Himalayan mountains. The book teaches several principles all summed up in being positive. I decided to…

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    • Thanks Mark. 🙂 The line that stood out for me was, ‘our quality of life is reflected in the quality of our thoughts’. I really need to be more aware of my thoughts.

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