“From Her Heart Grows A Tree”

Melanie at Nature-Led Life is conducting an experiment.

While she was reading The Book of Tress by Manuel Lima, a phrase came to her mind.

“From her heart grows a tree”

From this phrase, she proposed a collaborative project. The process goes like this.

  • Melanie’s post is the trunk. Then other people add on the branches of knowledge.
  • Branches are any post that include “from her heart grows a tree”. This can be a poem, a short story, a couple of sentences, a picture with the phrase as the title, anything will work.
  • You then connect your post back to Melanie’s post by sharing your link in her comment section.

Melanie added a deadline of August 2, 2021 so that she can create a visual knowledge tree to share back with everyone.

(instructions borrowed from Mark at Naturalist Weekly. Thank you, Mark!)

Here’s my contribution.

From her heart grows a tree

she opens our eyes

to a lattice of love

and unity.



without exception

devoid of division

There is no boundary.


  1. Hi Lesley, this is wonderful! I appreciate the expansive nature of the poem. I feel like the words are encouraging me to look upward and outward toward the possibilities. Thanks for adding to the “tree”.

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    • I’m still thinking about the network that trees have in communicating that you recently wrote about and this was very much in my mind when I wrote this poem.
      “I feel like the words are encouraging me to look upward and outward toward the possibilities.” – that’s a great way to look at it!

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was a pleasure, Melanie. It’s the first time I’ve taken part in a writing prompt and it was lovely to read everyone else’s offerings.
      When I was looking for a profile picture I was looking at images of fractals in nature and that was the one that stood out to me. It was a difficult choice though – fractals are amazing.

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