Inspired By Horses

Horses as a mirror

One way horses can teach us about mindfulness is by modelling the behaviour for us. Horses, by their very nature, are mindful. Because they are prey animals, they instinctively keep themselves safe by living in a state of awareness of their environment. This awareness allows them to tend to their needs as they stay alert to potential threats by continually receiving information about, and reacting to, their environment. In striving to be horse-like, we may also benefit from mindfulness by being more conscious of our own needs and staying safe, therefore reducing stress and conserving energy.

The above is an excerpt from Equine Wellness Magazine. To read the article in full, follow this link.

Be more like a horse

Some of the horses I meet when out walking


The Horse by Ronald Duncan

Where in this wide world can
man find nobility without pride,
friendship without envy or beauty
without vanity? Here, where
grace is laced with muscle, and
strength by gentleness confined.

He serves without servility; he has
fought without enmity. There is
nothing so powerful, nothing less
violent, there is nothing so quick,
nothing more patient.

England’s past has been borne on
his back. All our history is his
industry; we are his heirs; he
our inheritance.

– Ronald Duncan (1914-1982)

And never forget . . .


  1. I love horses, especially when you put your forehead against them and just smell them. Is there such a perfume as “horse?” ha After we run out of fossil fuels people will appreciate horses, again. Lifestyles will slow down out of necessity. People will realize that the present is all there is. That is where you must live…and with horses. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • If there is no perfume called ‘horse’, there
      should be. 😀
      It’s an intriguing thought to live such a slowed down lifestyle with one that included horses again. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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