Kindness versus Fear

The following excerpt is from the book The Misunderstood God written by Darin Hufford

Because of where kindness is aimed, it always produces stunning results. There is a power in kindness that topples strongholds and crushes addictions. It softens the minds of stubborn people and deflates the pride of the arrogant. Kindness is more powerful than anything the flesh manifests. Nothing can stand up to it. You will know when it’s authentic, because the deepest parts of you will be moved and transformed by its presence.

We have been taught to believe that the fear of God’s wrath is what brings us to repentance. Hell has been held over dour heads by preachers who believe that fear is the greatest motivator to the human spirit. Fear has gained such respect over the years that most people would attribute more power to it than to kindness. The problem with this way of thinking is that fear pertains to the flesh, and everything of the flesh will soon pass away. It’s temporary, but kindness is eternal. People do not respond to threats of brutality and abandonment for long. Threats may work for a time, but eventually they lose their power. People respond to the kindness of God, because we were created in His image. Because we are eternal beings, we respond best to eternal things.


    • I’ve been going through a crisis of faith over the past few months, Anne. For a while I was listening too much to what Christian Evangelical/Fundamentalists were saying and their constant judgemental preaching about hellfire and brimstone began to damage the perception I’ve always had of God. Thankfully, I managed to break free from them and a couple of months later I feel a whole lot better. The experience has taught me to never again listen to their skewed view of the world. There is so much goodness to be found amongst people of all faiths (and none).
      Thank you for commenting, Anne. 😀


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