You Are Enough

Nature heals. It heals your soul, rejuvenates your spirit and calms your mind. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on everyone and during these tough times, when movement is restricted, everyone is functioning from home – two children, my mother and my own mind – it can spell havoc. 

The hill, a few mins away from our place, has been my saving grace through these uncertain times. It has been a lifeline to regain sanity. Literally, all that has happened during the day, good or bad, arguments, complaints, just dissolves into thin air, when I step out into the open meadows. 

The gentle breeze that blows on my face cleanses my mind like uprooting weeds from a flower bed that allows the flowers to blossom. The earth beneath my feet grounds me and strengthens my spirit, the dried branches and thorns on the path reminds me to tread with care and not give in to the fear of getting hurt.

The fresh air is like an antidote that washes away the toxicity of the mind. The grazing cattle, elusive peacocks and the chirping birds shows that in times of uncertainty there will still be moments of awe, wonder and beauty – don’t forget to savour those moments. 



    • Thank you, Anne. It’s wonderful to think of the forest as a cathedral, and all the better for being at one on Biasini!
      I posted an excerpt from a book recently called Heaven on Earth by Simon Porter. The author wrote about having similar feelings. I’ll post a relevant passage tomorrow. 😀

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