Dealing with Adversity: Embracing Life

How we face adversity can depend on several factors, e.g. our own developing personality and/or how we are taught to face conflict. How do you cope with conflict? Can you accept and deal with it or do you do anything you can to avoid it? The following excerpts are from the book, Kintsugi: Embrace your imperfections and find happiness – the Japanese way by Tomas Navarro (available from Amazon). I will share further excerpts as I read on.

“We constantly get bombarded with messages about floating on cloud nine and living happy ever after, but the reality is that if there is anything we should aspire to, it’s to be strong, because life brings us constant challenges that we have to face whether we like it or not. Happiness is a transient state, and cannot last forever. We believe ourselves to be incomplete, we believe we need something more in order to be happy, we go in pursuit of nirvana, thinking that when we reach it we will be happy, and all the while we are unaware that happiness, if it is to be found anywhere, it’s in the journey.”

“Adversity is an inevitable part of life and, far from trying to deny it or run from it, we have to look it square in the eye and deal with it, manage it, or overcome it.”

“A crisis, a problem or an adversity is nothing more than a difficulty that must be overcome. That is what we must believe and that is what we must teach our children.”

“Life is a constant state of flux, a continuous challenge that we cannot and should not try to avoid. A path with ups and downs, it’s demanding, uncertain and sometimes random, and it will put us face to face with beauty and pain, with success and frustration, with love and disappointment. Life is as beautiful as it is challenging; it will reward us and it will test us. Adversity is simply a problem, a frustration, or a challenge that needs to be managed. ”

But are you prepared to live with adversity?


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