Celestial Dance

Explosive, vital nuclear force

gives birth to a dynasty of sibling stars.

Each beautiful – deadly or benign,

they blaze their way in an unchartered dance

and mark the conception

of a cosmos – an ever-growing expanse.

Seed and ovum both together

deliver its fruit and the child is born.

A unique life, a single venture,

Precious child of a supernova;

And whether by choice or chance

to squander or cherish

a brief and fleeting span.

This chapter written, the next commences.

The body knows when it is time

to gently release and unfetter

the atoms that hold the mass together.

Potential energy becomes kinetic

and a fresh dance begins.

Above, with the planets and beyond,

where nothing is static – ever evolving.

Gestating force, familial home,

Universal ancestral womb

where life sustains its celestial course

For cosmic dust is to cosmic dust

And I was and I am the stuff of stars.




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